Feb 2nd-2021 from Phyllis Smith.

I am an active senior citizen that has beaten cancer, polio, and has endured two hip replacement operations.

Over the past several years I have battled high blood pressure to the point where I needed warfarin (blood thinner) and weekly monitoring by a trained professional.

The high blood pressure challenge caused migraine headaches along with the constant worry I could have a stroke at any moment.

Due to poor circulation, I also suffered from painful varicose veins and cold hands and feet. Cramping and restless sleep was a common occurrence.

In October of 2020, I was approached by ILS and asked if I would consider being a tester for QardioShield. I was excited about this opportunity as I knew there is no known cure for high blood pressure.

Within a day of trying QardioShield, I was amazed at how well I was sleeping. I also couldn’t believe the energy I had the next day. I had taken wellness products in the past, but nothing that gave me such noticeable results so quickly.

After several weeks on the product, my blood pressure went from being dangerously high to the same level as my doctor. My doctor was so amazed at what was happening he reduced my warfarin medicine as well.  He couldn’t believe my results.

I was also shocked by the fact I no longer had any pain due to cramping, and my varicose veins were slowly shrinking in size. I had less mucus build up in my throat and my heartburn was completely gone.  Hard to believe one product can do so much in such a short period of time.

QardioShield has definitely improved the quality of my life and quite possibly may have saved my life.

Thank you, ILS for asking me to test this amazing product.  I will be forever grateful.

Phyllis Smith
Alberta, Canada

QardioShieldListen to this testimony by Phyllis from Alberta Canada on the results he has received from using QardioShield for 30 days.