QardioShield(Karol) is a very active senior citizen at 89.
It came as a shock one day when she literally could not get off the couch.
Her health was deteriorating rapidly.

No energy, severe neck and back pain, dizzy spells, no appetite, and no will to live.
Doctors had no explanation for her sudden condition.

Her daughter became very concerned. She immediately put her on QardioShield.
Within just a few days, Karolina’s health began to improve rapidly.

Within 2 weeks, she was back to her old self and bowling three times a week.
Karolina went from believing her quality of life was gone forever, to feeling the best she
has ever felt in years.

In Karolina’s words “QardioShield made all the difference. I will be eternally grateful for this wonderful product.”

Hear her complete story on our ILS podcast.

ILS QardioShield Testimony of KarolKarolina