EMF radiation, though it cannot be seen by the naked eye, affects your body’s core temperature and molecular structure when exposed to excessive amounts of EMF radiation for extended amounts of time.

The EMF SHIELD provides patented protected close proximity EMF-RF harmonizing (reconfiguring the EMF waves while simultaneously grounding them to prevent cell penetration into your body and the life altering consequences associated with continued EMF Radiation Exposure. (The 5G roll out will soon prove to be catastrophic)

When you are carrying your EMF SHIELD Protected smart phone on you (pocket, purse, etc.) while at home, in the workplace or when you go outside your home, you are protected from the EMF Radiation emissions from all sources: wireless, including but not limited to your home/workplace modem, cable box, 3G, 4G, 5G & 6G cell towers & satellites.


Please watch the videos and read the content we have provided. Our desire is to raise awareness and educate everyone about the effects of EMF radiation and the way our bodies react to these frequencies and the radiation.


Our scientists have performed multiple studies and tests. We have provided some of their findings below for your review. Their collective expert discoveries and opinions after their tests is that RMF radiation not only exists and is real, but it is found in abundance.


You can place our product on any device that emits RMF waves and it provides a barrier shield of protection for you and your loved ones.