Frequently Asked Questions about the EMF Shield 

Answered by the Developer

How are the ILS EMF shields different from others on the market? 

The shields available on the market range from cheap dots, sleeves or phone cases, which have an RFID feature that protects against fraud or contact tracing.

Our shield has a patent protected harmony, which protects people as they are mobile with their cell phones, in the workplace or at home exposed to the transmission from wireless sources from the modem, cable box and 5G cell towers & satellites.

Some EMF shields cost in the hundreds of dollars and are designed to cover the larger area of an office or several rooms in your home. 

Why does my family need EMF protection? 

How many people use computers that have virus protection software?

Computers are vulnerable to being exposed to viruses, trojan horse malware, data fraud, ransomware and other serious threats. Being on a worldwide web exposes one to fraud, data theft, corrupted systems, and even system crashes. These are all common dangers on the internet, and the reason people purchase their virus protection software to avoid suffering serious loss. 

Our EMF shields work on the same principle of protection, with the difference being EMF radiation exposure has dire effects on the body. 

The added security of virus protection software does not come free; there is a cost to the consumer for the protection it offers. 

Our EMF shields offer the best protection available to the human body for the security of their health and at the most economical price to the consumer. 

What are the effects of EMF radiation?

EMF radiation is not a virus or a pathogen; it is, however, a silent toxic pollutant that has been known to be hazardous to the health and well-being of humanity. 

The effects of EMF radiation differs for each person, as every individual and their surroundings are different. The impact it has on a body depends on where one lives, how many devices are used daily, and the direct range of use to the body. 

The impact EMF radiation has on the individual will be influenced by the proximity of the device to the body and for how long. When determining EMF radiation risk, some questions to consider include: Are you holding your cell phone to your ear 8-10 hours per day? Do you hold your tablets or rest your laptop on your lap while using them? 

Some people buy the best cases and screen protectors to shield their phones from damage if they are accidentally dropped and to save themselves from having to replace a cracked or broken screen. There is no guarantee these tools will prevent the phone from damage in all cases of mishandling. Still, they do offer a sense of security to its owner during those moments when accidents happen, potentially saving them from having to replace an expensive device. 

Though the protection our EMF shields offer is of a different nature, they are equally important and less expensive than the cases and screen protectors. Our EMF shields protect the health and well-being of individuals, a much more important commodity. 

Please note, our EMF shields are NOT OFFERED in a cellular phone store or big box store such as Best Buy.

Does this shield affect my body or my devices?

Your devices will continue to work as they always have. The real reason behind the technology is to protect YOU.

How do the EMF shields work? 

The EMF shield harmonizes the frequencies to not injure, distort or affect your natural bio meridian field, and prevent you from absorbing the inundation of both the low and high radio frequencies.

What is the patented technology for the EMF shield? 

Earthing grounded EMF scalar wave technology.

Do any scientific or governmental institutions support this technology? 

Most government and scientific communities recognize and acknowledge that high interaction between EMF radiation and the body is carcinogenic (WHO Report 2015).

The telecommunications lobby is powerful because they release these technologies without any human trials or studies for their safety. We’ve all heard of DDT, asbestos, smoking and roundup. The government approved these substances at the time of their release. Many people fought against the massive corporations controlling the narrative behind them and sold millions, also killing millions of people in the process.

Why is this new technology, and what makes it different?

We are tested, tried and true. We have thousands of satisfied customers, most of them being in Asia and Europe. 

We are not merely a scalar technology; we are also earthing/grounded interfaced. We have done live blood analysis, Thermal readings, Heart rate variability studies, and Bio-Well studies in both Russia and the USA. 

Allopathic Western Medicine is largely unaware of the integrative modalities used by Traditional Chinese Medicine with its meridian points coupled with the Aruvedic energy field. Our products are complementary to balance your health with practical solutions.

What is the expiry date of an EMF shield?

The EMF shield expires approximately 12 months from the time of manufacture or from the time of placing it on a device. Once the EMF shield has been placed on your device, it must not be removed, cut or damaged, or it will deactivate. 

I purchased a new phone. Can the EMF shield be removed from my old phone and placed on my new phone? 

No, the EMF shield cannot be transferred from one device to another. You will need to place a new EMF shield on your new phone.