Q & A

By Mark Rosales: EMF SHIELD Inventor, Patent Holder, Manufacturer

Q. Why are our Shields different than others on the market?

A. There is a wide range of alleged EMF protection solutions from cheap dots, stickers, pendants, bracelets, clothing, sleeves or phone cases that have a RFID feature to protect against fraud or contact tracing, etc. yet claim EMF protection.

The EMF SHIELD provides patented protected close proximity EMF-RF harmonizing (reconfiguring the EMF waves while simultaneously grounding them to prevent cell penetration into your body and the life altering consequences associated with continued EMF Radiation exposure. (The 5G roll out will soon prove to be catastrophic)

When you are carrying your EMF SHIELD Protected smart phone on you (pocket, purse, etc.) while at home, in the workplace or when you go outside your home, you are protected from the EMF Radiation emissions from all sources: wireless, including but not limited to your home/workplace modem, cable box, 3, 4 & 5G cell towers & satellites.

Note! It is highly recommended an EMF SHIELD is placed on all EMF emitting devices.

The majority of EMF protection offerings for sale online either don’t work, may only provide limited protection and some can even be harmful to your health. There are also imitations of the EMF SHIELD and other trending best sellers, different name, similar or different look or feel that do not work.

    INGENIOUS LIFE SOLUTIONS And I, MARK ROSALES MAKE THIS OFFER: If anyone can provide Ingenious Life Solutions with 3rd party, unbiased, video proof, by an investigative reporter or other credible independent source that their EMF protection product works, we will pay you $500 for your Due Diligence upon receipt of valid video proof.

We provide absolute Proof that our Patented EMF SHIELD Works, as tested, by a 3rd party, unbiased, investigative news agency reporter in Australia on VIDEO and by the micron microscope Blood Test on VIDEO presented, as proof on all ILS websites, is THE ONLY PROOF, To Our knowledge, that exists in the EMF RADIATION PROTECTION SPACE.

There is 1 EMF Protection technology offering we discovered that we believe works in a uniquely different way and cost hundreds of dollars each to cover an office or a room in your home.

Q. Why do I need EMF protection?

A. How many of us use computers and have a virus protection software? Same principle but with more dire effects to your body. Computers are exposed to viruses, trojan horse malware, data fraud and ransomware etc. on the worldwide web makes you exposed to potentially: a loss in revenue, data, corrupted systems and even system crashes.

EMF is not a virus or pathogen it is however a silent toxic pollutant that has been known to be hazardous to you and your family’s wellbeing.

Q. What are the effects of EMF?

A. Everyone is different and depends on where you live and how many devices you use daily and direct to your body. Are you holding your cell phone to your ear 8-10 hours per day, are you holding your tablets, resting your laptop on your lap?

Some people buy fancy cases and even screen protectors to protect their phones in case they accidentally drop their phones and save from having to replace a cracked or broken screen.

There is no guarantee that those work if you drop or mishandle your phone from being dropped. It offers some measure of security and ease that if any misstep you can protect your investment and save having tor replace your very expensive devices. Our EMF shield costs less and if you notice they DO NOT OFFER them in your cellular phone store or at Best Buy, etc.???

Q. Can this shield affect my body or my devices?

A. Your devices still work. The real reason is to PROTECT YOU.

Q. How does the EMF SHIELD work?

A. It Harmonizes the frequencies to not injure, distort or effect your natural bio meridian field from absorbing the inundation of radio, low and high frequencies to you.

Q. What is the patented technology?

A. Earthing grounded EMF scalar wave technology.

Q. Is this technology supported by any scientific or governmental institution?

A. Most government and scientific community recognize and acknowledge that high interaction between EMF and the human is a carcinogenic (WHO Report 2015). The telecommunications lobby is powerful because they release these technologies without any human trials or studies for their safety.

…Ever heard of DDT, asbestos, smoking and roundup and the government told us those substances are safe and yet many people fought against these massive corporations whom controlled the narrative and sold millions but killed millions of people in the process.

Q. Why is this new technology and what makes it different?

A. We are tested, tried and true. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers with most of them in Asia and Europe. We are not simply a scalar technology and we are earthing /grounded interfaced.

We have done live blood analysis, Thermal readings, Heart rate variability studies plus Bio-Well studies in Russia and USA. Allopathic Western medicine is largely unaware and integrative modalities from Traditional Chinese medicine with meridian points coupled with Aru Vedic energy field.

We are complementary to balance your health with practical solutions.

Q. What is the expiration date of a Shield?

A. 12 months replacement is recommended

Q. Is the expiration date from the time of manufacture, or from the time of placing on the device?

A. Upon placing it on your device.

Once it is placed it should not be removed or cut or it will deactivate and become ineffective.

Q. I purchased a new phone, can the shield be removed from old phone, and placed on the new phone or do I need to place a new shield?

A. No, it cannot be transferred.